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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Not So Ritzy News

Suzi dear, good morning to you as well; I am terrible sorry I haven’t been able to write more personally to you in the past days. All new facts about the attacks in Sharm El-Sheik have been blogged within minutes. Traffic to the site has jumped – welcome all! To make even more friends, I’ve added some tools; most significantly all posts are now being [tagged!]. The link takes you to Technorati where you can see all other blogposts with the same tags. That’s in theory. I’ve been testing Technorati in the past days and their claim that all tags are recognized by their crawl within maximum an hour is simply not true. They also say it is possible to use multiple tags in one post – I do not see that working either, neither is it possible to search for combination tags, like cairo+bomb. Yet, Ritzy is stubborn and dedicated to go along, let’s give it a try since it is such a marvelous idea and the most intelligent way to see what is going on at millions of blogs.

The news? There is light by the end of the tunnel… Stay with me, I’ll have the latest from Sharm and a few odd pieces along the way. For now, applause the police in Sharm that so far seems to have been handling this very well. They too are working lads with private lives, although they won’t see much of that the weeks ahead.

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