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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fire-Theatre's Main Doors Closed

Hosni Mubarak and Hosni Farouq are not becoming more popular among blame-pointing artists after the president refused to accept the culture ministers resignation. But as more is revealed about the fatal fire in a Beni Suef theatre, we know also know that the main exit was blocked by stage props, forcing the 150 people inside to escape via a smaller door. Many did not make it through that only door. Blocking the main exit was not the minister’s fault; that was lethal negligence by the same theater management that surrounded the walls with paper décor AND lit candles on the stage. Those calling for Farouq’s early termination by a bullet in his head should instead call the artistic community and tell them that safety always has to come first. No matter what. Even if the government has cut their grants. There is no performance, no grant and no job that is so important that they can risk the lives of colleauges and audiences like this again.

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