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Friday, September 16, 2005

In God We Trust

Egyptians are more likely to define themselves by religion than any other people in the world.

A tiny two percent said nationality was most important to them; as many as 87 percent identify themselves by religion more than anything else. Asked if there were anything they could do that would change their lives, 49 percent of the Egyptians answered yes.

Sixty-five percent of citizens across the world do not think their country is governed by the will of the people. But 47 percent thought elections in their countries were free and fair. Only 13 percent trusted politicians and only 16 percent thought they should be given more power. A quarter felt more should go to religious leaders - who are also seen as the most trusted group.

Gallup International questioned 50,000 people in 68 states for the BBC World Service survey Who Runs Your World.

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