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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sweet Joy of Thursdays

Coming sunset, Cairo suddenly turns a week’s accumulated stress into sweet joy, all hustle suddenly forgotten. Streets are crowded throughout the summer night. Malls don’t close until the early morning hours. The bridges over the river Nile are overcrowded by courting couples, cruising singles and picnicking families.

Thursdays are also when our two weekly papers are hitting the stalls; Cairo is back from summer vacation and we still do not now if they have managed to get this issue censored as well. Al-Ahram Weekly’s semi-official take on recent events from a perspective of pretending it’s a real paper in a real market in a real word can be informative as well as amusing and upsetting. The web-editions usually appear on Fridays. Oh! That is also when I usually get my weekly boost of right-wing adrenaline by the bombastic Ann Coulter. What a laugh, I am so pleased I’m alive and well every Thursday. Let’s have some good blogging today!

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