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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

UK Radicals Fear Deportation to Egypt

Britain is talking to Egypt about handing over exiles wanted by Cairo. Some Egyptian Islamists in Britain are wanted for militancy in Egypt, where they face death sentences. Egypt's prime minister said in May the United States had transferred as many as 70 militant suspects to Egypt, whose government has been fighting Islamist groups for decades. New-York based Human Rights Watch said the U.S. war on terrorism had made Egypt the world's main destination for detainees transferred under a practice known as rendition, which usually occurs in secret.

Read also this report on Hani al Sibai, the Director of al Maqrizi Center in Hammersmith in London, who says he have credible information the British ambassador to Egypt have held discussions with the National Council for Human Rights in Cairo to try and reach an agreement to extradite him and other Islamists currently residing in Britain, including a high-ranking official in the banned Gamaa Islamiya. Also: the deported Omar Bakri who is reversing his fatwas out of fear! Further: my previous posts on how radicals are treated in Egypt. Link. Link.

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