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Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Night with Saddam

I'm still on page one and have three more to go; this is the article you want to read this Sunday. Here is the story: An Iraqi who worked with US special forces tells how he wrestled with the dictator after flushing him from his hiding hole. Quote:
Months of painstaking work finally paid off in December 2003, when Mohammed Ibrahim Omar al-Musslit, one of Saddam’s bodyguards, was picked up. Known as “the Fat Man”, he was one of only two men thought to know Saddam’s whereabouts.

Al-Musslit was interrogated in one of Saddam’s old palaces. At first he lied, but he did not hold out for long, says Samir. “He started crying and said, ‘Don’t kill me, I will take you to Saddam before it gets too late. Saddam’s going to know I’ve been captured. Let’s go now’.”

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