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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Andrew Sullivan Disagrees

Turns out that the best conservative blogger on the net has an opposing view on the issue of teachers wearing a niqab. Shame, I would have loved to stand on his side. Andrew´s point is that a) if you are working for the government you have to follow the rules; b) the rule is to teach clearly, which you cannot do if your face is covered; c) dresscodes and uniforms for public officials is not an infringement of freedom.

Well, he is wrong.

A. This is not a question about following the rules, it is a questioning of the rules. If the rule said "wear bananas if you like", the naqib would not be an issue. The discussion should question the fairness of the rules, not if people are inclined to follow them.

B. Why is everybody assuming that a niqab and teaching is in conflict? Or that a teacher who wear the niqab on her way to the school is necessary insisting on wearing the niqab in class? Personally, I can remember many teachers who were so ugly I never wanted to see their face, but that is another story. (I´ll call my shrink).

C. If I were a Hindu I would really be offended if I couldn´t wear a turban on my head at work, even if I at the same time have to put up with the silly uniforms some nutty manager ordered for me from the all-polyester discount store. What Andrew and others are saying here is that they do not think that a ban on "religiouswear" is an infringement of personal freedom because they do not think that those religious outfits ought to be so important to anyone. Well, that is a value-statement, not a fact. In my eyes, it is not up to them to decide! Nor me, or you.

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