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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Smile of a President?

If it takes another democrat to stop the former first Lady to become president of the USA, then let us hope this smile is enough to take Barack Obama all the way.

I´m still for Condi, of course. But in a race against Obama she has the additional disadvantage of being a woman. Black president, maybe. Female president, perhaps. Black and female? Just a small possibility. Also, she IS a republican. I hear they are not too popular in the great colony in the west nowadays.

I am still anti Hillary. She is stiff. She is pale. She is in constant pain or else she would be able to put on a natural smile. Her main disadvantage: the luggage from the Clinton presidency. I really do not think the American voters are in for another round of that.

Barack Obama is fresh news. Next to him, Hillary is soooo yesterday.

Also, I am quite positive Cindy Sheehan thinks Hillary is really smart.

Washington Post article: Obama formally launches presidential bid

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