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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Charmed - Always and Forever

What will happen now? In the past 24 hours, President Mubarak has confirmed to the world that this only make him more determined to crush terrorism. World leaders have been queuing to express condolences and support. Embassies have dealt with traumatized tourist who wants a flight home a.s.a.p., but few extra flights are available at this charter destination.

Hardly anything is said in the foreign press about the Egyptian families who are suffering most of all. The large majority of the dead and wounded were Egyptians, either working in Sharm or at holiday. It is with them our thoughts should be at the moment. Not only have they lost beloved members of their families, many have also been robbed of their only chance to make a living. European tour operators announce one after the other, that they are canceling their operations. Egyptians have suffered hard from terrorist attacks before. The economy, dependent on tourism as its largest source of income (USD 6.6 billion annually) had only fully recovered this year from the effects of previous attacks almost ten years ago.

Really, if anyone is prepared to travel to London or New York or Madrid, all cities that have been targeted even harder in the near or recent past, they should also feel they can come to Egypt. So why will they not think twice about it? Because Egypt is a different world that they cannot fully comprehend. It is language and it is culture, but above all the feeling of standing out and being dependent.

But maybe some will feel that this is a country that loves them (it really does in a way few will ever understand) and be prepared to endure some minor problems – Africa is still in the third world, remember. When things go bad their seems to be no salvation, but there is, ongoing, but in a different system, difficult to grasp but the best in these conditions. The reward in return is a travel experience they will always remember.

I should not say it myself because I am partial, but the ancient people of this country took it for granted they were blessed. Their main God, and of course, Pharaoh, was associated with the sun. Of course this is true. This is still a blessed people in a sun-burnt nation. The Egyptians cannot be portrayed more accurately than in either of these terms: sunshine or sunray. What more evidence does one need? Egypt is where the sun is always shining.

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