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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Morning After: Sun All Over Sharm

Good Morning Suzi. It is a good morning - much better than yesterday, at least. What a horrible day that was. In an instant, our lovely Sharm was turned into a scene of deadly disaster. It hurts, because we are accustomed to a life where what happens in Sharm matters in Sharm only; it is a place for joyful relaxation. The many meetings between world leaders that Sharm has hosted contributed to this atmosphere in this very soothing setting. Where else would be better to negotiate peace? The presence of world leaders increased our sense of safety. Sure, check-points and armed vehicles could be a bump on our way, but we always knew that soon along the way we would enjoy a peaceful holiday. Madrid, Bali, New York – those places were as far away from Sharm El-Sheik as they could get. Not any more. I cannot get accustomed to the idea. Even last year’s attacks in Taaba and Nuweiba did not rock the solid ground on which we were standing. Where did you say that happened? Yes, on the way to Palestine. Do not worry, it cannot happen again. Well, it did. And it will happen again, and again and again. Not because we have done anything wrong, but because the world never learned how to get along. This is yet another war; although so different in kind from what we expect that sometimes we feel we do not know where we are or what we ought to do. Still, things do not have to get worse but can become better. Egypt, if any, has proven before that she can – so to say – settle the score. As usual, we will not always agree on how to move ahead. In the heated discussions and vicious accusations that will follow this day, we are better off if we can remember that in the end, what we wish is really, in its very essence, the same.

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