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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Chemist. Weekly Eye Part III

Ritzy Sherlock crawls the net, reveals facts that challenges official claims that Dr. Magdi Al-Nashar is cleared of links to the 7/7 London attacks.

- The Keys. The 33 year Dr. did not only help his new found 18 year old friend Husain (who blew the bus on Tavistock Square) to find a lease, he has also “admitted owning the keys of the Leeds flat used as a suspected bomb factory but claims he did not know it was to be used by terrorists.” [The Age]

- Terror Arrest. “Egyptian police said that al-Nashar was arrested and held briefly in 1992 while in the company of a man later associated with the massacre of 58 tourists in Luxor five years later.” [The Age] The police caught on to Nashar when he visited “a problematic mosque.”

- The Radical College. This top Islamic college in Wales draws on the teachings of (Egyptian exile) Yusuf al-Qaradawi . He is advocating ‘children suicide bombers against real bombs.’ [previous post here] He is banned from entering the US and UK’s Home Secretary is considering blocking him as well. The principal of the college, Kadhem Al-Rawi has declared British troop legitimate targets in Iraq. He is an acquaintance of Dr. Nashar and last week praised his “great personality.” [IC Wales]

- Religiously Devoted. Nashar is described as pious but not extreme. Now, bring in the theory of relativism: "I even work as a musician in the evening and he was never angry at me for doing that," says his 28 year brother Mohammed. [MET] Just bringing up the issue shows which cultural setting he is from. How did his religious philosophy ‘develop’ in Leeds?

- Remain in Custody Until Investigations are Complete. The official Al-Ahram (Arabic) is quoting a senior security official saying Nashar will remain in custody "for the time being.” He will be freed after all investigations are complete. The Egyptian authorities have to “define the legal position.” “It was important to vindicate him in front of everyone.” If there is evidence “Egypt has laws to punish him accordingly.” [WP Herald]

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