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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sharm Bombers & Their Government

The information about the suspected bomber's dead was released today, one week after the incident, the morning after the PM was questioned on CNN where he insisted there is no Al-Qaeda connections, just home-brewn aggressors in the mountains. Governments do spin. Unfortunately, we will never hear the story of the man who is now credited for both the Taaba and the Sharm attacks. Two suspects from last October's attack are still in jail. They deny the charges. The man now shot was charged in absentia. For these two men, the trial were due this week. It has now been been postponed. One reason is said to be a delayed report from the doctor whose task it is to show that the accused has not been tortured or beaten while in prison or during interrogations.

Another quote from the PM's appearance on CNN yesterday:

"Egypt has been the subject of a lot of terrorist acts. And they haven't been related to Al-Qaeda in any way in the past. So it would be a new thing if we see Al-Qaeda working in Egypt."

Well, except the 9/11-ers and Bin Laden's right hand man, of course, they were already abroad.

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