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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Shaking the World on a Hot Summer Day

Dear Suzi, I have no doubt you are enjoying the Med’s breeze in Alexandria while the rest of us fear our lives. That’s right. My desk was shaking, well the whole house was shaking and I didn’t know if I should risk my life by getting dressed or escape in my negligee. Your guess is right; I’d rather die whit my nightdress halfway over my head than exposing myself to ordinary people on the street. I changed to the better and then it was over.

The earthquake measured a 4.3 magnitude. It doesn’t sound much but on the other hand side its center was only 55 km from Cairo, SSW.

London too has been shaking today. News about how the police are chasing another cell of terrorists and arresting seven suspects have kept my fantasy going: imagine if we could do the same! The good news is that the mass-arrests in Sinai we feared never happened; I guessed the roughnecks understood they wouldn’t get away with it, or there are not many bedus left to take in.

Nothing new about Sharm is coming through and it is not only because it is hot in the Sinai desert. Instead, world-media representatives on paid overtime at a posh hotel in Sharm are passing the “Bedouin Connection” story around for recycling. You can find it here and here and here and here. At least it provides exotic summer reading for those who know less about the area.

Politically, Cairo is still shaking, somewhat, from yesterdays demonstration; the whole package of beatings and arrests included. Had I known it would take place I had stayed at home. Instead I was visiting a poor relative in that less fortunate part of the city and, without knowing how, I found myself in the middle of the well-policed chaos. Today, supporters of the instigators gathered to demand their release. In principle yes, I do agree we need a change but by what means and by whom is a different story. I will tell you more tomorrow. I bet you want your husband to retire as well but given the alternatives…

Tourists are still buying trips to Sharm El-Sheik – and not. That’s the British. Let’s look more at what the French and Italians are up to in the morning. But do we really want any of them to come back? The Russians are of course still pleased by cheaper trips. I think our industry will suffer, yes, but perhaps not as much as expected. Let us take the opportunity to restructure the economy: I don’t know what nationalities we would invite instead but, yani, all package tourists can’t be like that, can they?

Ta Ta. Time for a nightcap. But what happened to the ‘cleared’ Chemist, Magdi Al-Nashar? Still in chains, of course. I’ll sleep on that. Love/ XXX / ritzy

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