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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bush’s Credibility Sank with New Orleans

If we are going to read any criticism of George W. Bush today, let it be from someone who has never been afraid to voice his honest opinion, for or against the U.S. incumbent. Andrew Sullivan is very critical in this Sunday Times article. Money quote:
Earth to Bush: the breaching of the levees had been foreseen for decades. If anyone wanted evidence that this president was completely divorced from reality, that statement was Exhibit A.

The president seemed oblivious to reality. One reason why this event may reverberate is exactly that disconnect. Five days after a hurricane, American citizens were still helpless across the region; and yet the president was “satisfied”. Over two years after the invasion of Iraq, the road to the airport to the Green Zone is still not secure, and yet the president has pronounced himself pleased with progress.

If the president’s credibility is shattered at home, how can it be restored abroad? For anyone who wants the effort in Iraq to succeed, Bush’s response to Katrina can only be grim news.

A competent Democrat could clean up with a message to restore government for the people rather than for special interests. But these days, a competent Democrat is an oxymoron. Hillary has been silent. She figures she need do nothing but let the anger vent on Bush.

But in Republican circles, one real change may have occurred. In a matter of days, Rudy Giuliani’s chances of becoming the next president improved drastically. What people want now is someone who can make the federal government work again. They want an executive who can fight a war and keep them safe. Nobody represents that kind of need better than Giuliani.

Also in the Sunday Times: Teenager snatches bus to save dozens.

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