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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Everybody is Following Katrina...

So I thought I could use the time to improve my site; minor layout stuff and such. To my surprise, my blogroll does not display. Since I've been fiddling with the template, I thought it would be easy to solve. Not, the template was not the problem. So is it blogrolling.com who is down? Not, but I got a weird error code when I logged on. Fired off messages to support, expect it to take the usual 72 hours (that seems to be standard for free services) before I receive a reply. Ok, next, check my roll-settings. Oh dear, I do not have a blog roll! It is deleted! There are two alternatives; I think; either did something go wrong when I did a back-up yesterday; or I've been hacked. Back-up? Then there is no problem? Perhaps not, I finally located the opml file and just have to figure out how to import it... Hacked? I wouldn't have thought about it if I didn't read the other day that a statcounter code was vulnerable. Since I was using an updated code I thought I would be safe. Perhaps I was, perhaps it was the back-up from the site that went wrong. I hope. But statcounter isn't part of this site's hidden features any longer, for now.

So, that's what I'm doing today. See ya soon. Check out Sandmonkey meanwhile, he's been at a rally with Ayman Nour.

Edit: Na, it's neither of the above b/c I can't even re-enter the blogs manually to my blog :-( Fatal Error - same as I got when I tried to add a few to the list yesterday. Unbelievable. Every time you rely on a remote service it's because you think it is conveniant, then it crash and you're stuck!
Edit: RIP Blogroll... I'm not the only one... a quick Technorati search returned twenty bloggers with the same problem... never thought I'd be such a Lady-Geeka that I actually am starting to see an exciting drama in all this! And I get to tell you all about it although you don't care!
Edit: I didn't even get the drama. Once I tangled myself in theories and solutions the bloody thing came back on. I didn't do anything. I can't claim any victory.

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