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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Egyptian: Al-Qaeda didn't Pay Enough

An Egyptian detained in Canada since year 2,000 fears for his deportation that will be decided by a court within days. He is ranked number 20 among those accused for religious violence in Egypt. He is also an Islamist fellahin who ditched Al-Qaeda because they didn’t pay enough.

Mohammad Zaki Mahjoub, 45, was an employee of Osama Bin Laden for fifteen months during 1992-1993. He complained about his monthly salary of USD1,500 since other Islamist were better paid by Bin Laden although they were not actually doing any work while he was working hard in the fields as an expert.

He says prison time is “hellish” and that prison guards unfairly call him “Osama” although he was arrested before 9/11. Sometimes the guards would call him “terrorist” and incite other prisoners to assault him.

Monofi or Sohagi? Yesterday I blogged about Mahjoub's 76 day long hunger strike but forgot to link to the article. Here it is.

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