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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Election: Lack of Impartiality

I'll be posting excerpts from the NGO's reports about the election as I receive them today and eventually wrap it up one document. Here is the first post. See also AFP's report.


1. One of the candidates abused the public money and state agencies to serve his election campaign from its beginning till the day of voting. 2. Abuse of the public transportation to transport the voters who would vote in favor of the candidate of the National Democratic Party (NDP). 3. Many head servers (sic) urged their employees to vote in favor of the NDP’s candidate in return money rewards and vacations. 4. One of the candidates obtained the voting lists around five days before the ballot while he seized the capability of the rest candidates to obtain it. 5. Instructions by the electoral committee led to no full supervision by judges about the elections as well not tasking some f judges to supervise while Egypt suffers from few numbers of judges in comparison with the numbers of election committees. 6. The presidential election committee did not identify punishments for not abiding the instructions as stipulated in the law 174/2005.

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