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Friday, September 02, 2005

How Much Hate Can You Live With?

I read the Huffington Post today. Afterwards, I praised God I am not living in America. I can not cope with people who do not have any intellectual morals - a field in which the HuffPuff excels. I found relief in a thoughtful post by the Anchoress. At least I am not alone. Money Quote:
That said - I have never, in over 40 years of being extremely interested in news and politics, ever seen the sort of out-of-control, wild-eyed, tooth-baring and destructive spite and malice that is directed toward one particular man, President Bush, every…single…hour, of every…single…day.

… Perhaps that - more than anything else - is why Bush is hated with such an unhinged derangement: he will not collapse. He will not lie down. He will not surrender to the press and the critics, or change the person he is, or simply go away.

She makes a comparison with hate-attacks on Bill Clinton. I would like to add a penny from where I am sitting: Ronald Reagan was attacked in a similar way but perhaps not on domestic issues. The Anchoress also has a good round up on the Katrina relief situation.

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