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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pepy, the first Egyptian Gay Blogger

Suzi love,
I assume you have barely recovered from the hectic election campaign – I hear you had to exhaust yourself by standing next to his side during a full speech every day. Please, if you have a few minutes to spare for my ponderings again:

It has been a week of deep thoughts in the Egyptian blogsphere: From Cairo has been wrestling with a neo-Nietzschian-quasi-Zoroastrian take on the killing of God and good vs. evil. ‘Slap-the-bitch, sluts-rocks’ Sandmonkey has decided that his savior-days are over; battered women will no more be allowed to take over his life. Big Pharaoh, who dared writing in desperation about the perils of being a young man before sex & marriage and then took off to relief himself in Alexandria, seems to have entered a new phase in his life. Instead of stalking the bikini-girls of Agami with his mobile phone camera, as any other Cairene bachelor would have done, he went underground in gay Alexandria and found himself cozy with a girl who was half man, or vice versa, and says he really wanted another one of them to sit on his other lap, just to set straight the gender balance. You see what I am saying? This is the week after he approached a truck full of soldiers, and asked the sweetest of the lads if he "could hold the big black baton," and, thrilled by the “forbidden, extended my hands and started feeling it. It was made of hard rubber. It's very good…”

Let’s mobilize our fruit-flying fag-hagging motherly support and help young bloggers stuck in confusion about women and gender, let us call in the gorgeous crowd of young unmarried life-time advisors surrounding your...er... favorite politicians. Perhaps they will allocate some money for a new blog-chapter for minorities. I’m sure Bush will take notes. Meanwhile, I’ll wait until next time this Pharaoh return with fresh holiday experiences; hopefully he will reveal whether Alexander’s pretty boys really found him so Big after all. It is a refreshing thought.

PS: Pharaoh Pepy was gay. Did he blog?