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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bloggers Jailed for Anti-Islam Commenting

In Singapore, two Chinese bloggers has been jailed for racist comments against the minority Malay community. The judge said young Singaporeans "must realize that callous and reckless remarks on racial or religious subjects have the potential to cause social disorder, in whatever medium or forum they are expressed."

Lim Yew, an unemployed 25-year-old, had posted disparaging comments about Malays and Islam on an Internet forum for dog lovers in a discussion about whether taxis should refuse to carry uncaged pets out of consideration for Muslims, whose religion considers dogs unclean. He was sentenced to a fine of $2,969 and a nominal day in prison. Benjamin Koh Song Huat, 27, an animal shelter worker, was sentenced to one month in prison for advocating desecration of Islam’s holy site of Mecca. h/t: lgf

PS: The blog alert box in my side bar displays more news about bloggers around the world; it is from the Committee to Protect Bloggers.

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