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Friday, October 07, 2005

Google Feed Read, More Great Services

Google just announced a new feed-reader, available at Google labs or direct at reader.google.com. [h/t: BoingBoing]

Feedburner recently teamed up with Feedblitz, so if you have a Feedburner feed your readers can subscribe to your blog entries via e-mail. Read Improbulus analysis as well as the VIP answer she receives in the comment forum. Re. e-mail subscriptions, I mentioned a similar service from Blogflux the other day; my own e-mail casting service is subscribed to by clicking here. There is also a button in the sidebar.

Another new service CollaborativeRank was brought to my attention by Wired.com. Unlike a normal page rank search, this service is giving you results from Del.icio.us - the social book marking service where you can see what sites other people are tagging and what is most popular now. If you are an influential bookmarker, your favorite sites will appear more often in searches. At the time of writing, this site cannot be accessed - possibly due to the attention brought on by the recent Wired article. Further: Bloggrolling announced a shape-up today, including new servers and extended support - even a blog and a forum where we can communicate. I'm pleased; because it is a great idea but the service has suffered occasional hick-ups and almost no support. It is free and valuable.

And as I'm preaching Internet stuff in high gears already, let me tell you that my own first Hack that doesn't come with a manual from Blogger Help or Improbulus is now completed, and not. It's the Google Search Box I mentioned yesterday. It looks quite ok - see the sidebar - but the third radio-button I wanted for Blog Search just never worked... I'll pick it up later on. Some how. Last but not least, I really like Yahoo!'s instant search.

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