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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Camp Nightmare

I found this letter in Al-Ahram Weekly:

Sir-- We had the misfortune of staying at Ahmed's Desert Camp in Bahariya three weeks ago. I'd like to pass on my impression of Ahmed's camp to interested readers. Ahmed's camp is a foul, disgusting, filthy, littered place. It's not really fit for human occupancy and if Egypt had a board of health it would immediately close Ahmed's Desert Camp as a hazardous site. The food is laced with flies and unfit for consumption. The staff is surly and disinterested. There are 100 projects started and none finished. Campers beware.

Robert Ramey

Let’s hope Mr. Ramey is having better luck next time he is coming to Egypt, if he does. We wouldn’t want him to fall in the trap one more time. Unfortunately, there are plenty of traps in this industry that at large is treating visitors as one-time occasional by passers. Since tourism is our major income, every story like this one should be treated seriously. I second Mr. Ramey in his call for more government control. It is time to raise the standards. With the billions pouring in, there is no excuse for treating visitors like anything but the honoured guests they are. Link.

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