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Sunday, October 23, 2005

So Far Today, Only Verbal Attacks

The demonstrators burned copies of the Gospel yesterday. This is unacceptable and right now we cannot even accept excuses.
- Maher Khella, the Coptic candidate of the ruling National Democratic Party in Alexandria.

I'm not asking for an apology but the Church must make a clear statement because the DVD was watched by many and it clearly harms the image of Islam.
- Osama Gado, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Should Christians be blamed for mere rumours that are spread by newspapers?
- Pope Shenuda III, stressing that the play had been performed only once two years ago.

A lot of Christian women usually wear a cross around their necks in order to deflect criticism for not wearing the veil and avoid having Muslims say rude things about Copts thinking we are one of theirs.

But today I'm not wearing it because I'm too afraid someone will try to snatch it or insult me.
- Mary Hanna Wasef, a woman in her 60s.


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