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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Current Hack: Google Search Box

I'm trying to add a search box to the site with the three options 1. Search the Web, 2. Search Miss Mabrouk, 3. Search Google Blog Search. As you can see at the bottom of the side panel under the heading "Current Hacks," I've been working on three different models. The first is a hack of Google Free service, with code from Newster.Net. The second and third are adjusted versions from Ask Dave Taylor. So far so good but I can't get the "Blog Search" feature to work: it will either take me to the blogsearch page and display other blogsearches, or it performs a normal sitesearch. The solution is probably very easy, but of course this lady geeka has no clue. If you've been thinking about getting a search box for your own site, give it a go! I'm posting the codes in the comment forum. Meanwhile, the Technorati site search I've had on this blog for ages really works really well! PS: Blogger spell check still doesn't recognize 'blog' or 'google.'

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