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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Empty Words from Sheikh Tantawi

The grandest of the Grand Imam’s, Mohamed Sayyed Tantawi says decisive action is needed to prevent sectarian tension from escalating in Egypt. “We should take quick action to bridge the chasm...”

In my reading, “bridge a chasm” implies there are two sides at fault and the task at hand is to make them sympathize with each other. What a grand thought. No one is blamed or told that what was done was utterly wrong. With that, we can happily live together for ever. Or? Not. There is only one side at fault here and that side needs to hear why they are wrong -preferably from both a moral and religious perspective. Another Grand Imam has already declared there is nothing offensive on the CD/DVD that was recently distributed. The play is two years old. Even if it was offensive, it doesn’t motivate violent attacks and repeated riots.

In Alexandria last week, there were attackers and victims. If Tantawi wish to avoid further tension, he ought to call it for what it is. And tell the angry crowds to back off and shut up. Else they may get into trouble on the last day. Link.

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