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Friday, October 21, 2005

Entire Alexandrian Night at the Central

Nightlegend is "Angry before eftar!!" after a visit to the local telephone central where the answer to 'please I want another phone line' was 'come back in January.' Telecom Egypt is still a government company, I see. I was actually impressed when I discovered their new call center a while ago. Just dial 111 and you have polite and knowledgeable people answering your questions. Nightlegend's experience was a healthy reminder that the government operated incumbent still have a long way to go! That said, one of the favorite anecdotes is about the married couple who in the 1990's opened the door and was greeted by a 'congratulation, your new telephone line is installed.' - That line had been ordered by the bride's parents on her behalf when she was a baby. Thank God we don't have to suffer such waiting lists any more!

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