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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Holiday From Hell In Egypt

A group of holiday makers are demanding compensation for a trip to Egypt that included a stay at the five star SAS-Radisson in Taaba Heights and gastric illness. It is all too common. This country would double its income from tourists if it got rid of its 'revenge of the Pharaohs' reputation. But when the number of arrivals are growing steadily with five percent a year and all hotels are fully booked during high-season, why would anybody care? Would a five star hotel even consider offering compensation on the spot? Of course not, it is not 'their' guests - all issues should be handled by the tour operator. I call for a branch organization that voluntary work to clean up Egypt. If those who are cashing in most on the business can work actively together to make their business more friendly to the environment, they can also work together to make it safer for the tourists. They would be able to set standards. Like: All restaurant staff need access to hot water in the bathroom. (You didn't really think they have that, did you?). They could control temperatures in refrigerators and teach chefs not to put warm food in a cool fridge. Stuff like that. All to make us and our guests more happy.

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