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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogs for Cash - Egyptian Worth

So what are my neighbours in the Egyptian blogsphere worth according to the method in my previous post?

Egyptian Sandmonkey: $0.00
Baheyya: $0.00
One Arab World: $0.00 *

Strange, all their lovely work and they can't even sell it for a pixel's worth? Na, this engine can't be working. Let's test a non-Egyptian site:

Andrew Sullivan: $2,092,185.24

Hmm... maybe it's working too well. I'll never be able to buy him out. What about Michelle?

Michelle Malkin: $2,889,315.72

Ok, nothing wrong with the engine. Let's test again with a really good Egyptian blog.

Big Pharaoh: $132,666.90

Bingo! Someone got it right. Mabrouk!

*) Update: Apologizes to Karim, I had not noticed one of the three parts of his URL onearabworld.blog.com. The value when I tested it now with the correct URL is: $27,097.92

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