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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Imam Outraged by Mohammed Sketches

In the kingdom of Denmark, a Muslim cleric is causing a stir by demanding revenge by the 'righteous sword of the Prophet" for sketches of Mohamed published by a daily newspaper. Although his words doesn't mean more than that we will all be judged by God, he doesn't make it easier for him by choosing this kind of language. Yet, we have no reason to blame him. That a national paper chose to print depictions of Mohamed in spite of common knowledge that it is sacrilegious to Islam is outrageous. It is so wrong. The editor of the paper ought to print an apologize immediately. Not only to the Muslim community in Denmark, but to all people in the country for this intolerant move and lack of respect. Link (Respect isn't a keyword for that site either who have no qualms about publishing sacrilegious images of any kind).

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