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Monday, October 10, 2005

Confessions of a Human Bomb

From Palestine comes this lengthy letter that is supposed to be from a soon-to-be volunteer suicide bomber. I doubt. One of the first arguments the writer is tackling is the notion that suicide bombers does it for the virgins in heaven (pst! it's raisins, not virgins, haven't you read the latest translations?!) and I can't relate to any live people I met who actually think that is a serious issue for anyone, most times it is spoken about it's with sarcasm. My second doubt is because the letter is not personal, although (in my eyes) it pretends to be. "I always wanted to be a doctor..." - well, how about the real issues you must be thinking about if you're gonna blow yourself and a bunch of other people in the air? Third, the letter is loaded with references to the Quran and the prophet that we have seen many times before. I'm not reading a letter from someone who is really writing about her personal religious concerns in the face of what she is about to do (rather; says she will do). Prove me wrong but what I read is a write up from someone who wants to convince young people to become suicide bombers and is using well-known passages from the Quran to legitimize the action. If that's true... whatever, let's pray for the author too.

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