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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Liberal Larry: So Wrong, So Good

Liberal Larry does it again. I can't hold back any longer; I just have to give you this excerpt:

Bush Drowns Three Children in San Francisco -- When I heard last week that a San Francisco woman had been arrested for throwing her three children off a pier and watching them drown, my first instinct was to jump out of my bean bag chair and cry "What Ever Happened to a Woman's Right to Choose?"

2000! -- Two thousand soldiers killed for a lie. Two thousand lives destroyed in an illegal and immoral war waged without cause, reason, nor France's blessing. Two thousand young men and women who will never experience a consensual relationship with a member of the same gender, nor enjoy their Constitutional right to choose.

Then there's the one that is more wrong than the other: Troops Still Insensitive to Religion of Peace

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