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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Militant Son, Please Return from Afghanistan

This Saudi father is urging his Islamist militant son to come home from Afghanistan.
Jaafar al Qahtani condemned his son, Mohammad's appearance in a videotape broadcast on the al Arabiyah news channel were he praised the September 11 attacks and held militant groups responsible for influencing his son and introducing him to violence in the wake of the US invasion of Afghanistan .

Mohammad had changed dramatically since leaving to Afghanistan and became angry and violent, according to his father.

Jaafar advised him not to commit any crimes and take part in bombings. Instead, he hoped Mohammed would return to his country, Saudi Arabia, through Iran.

"You cannot engage in jihad (holy struggle) without the consent of your parents. You have already committed many mistakes. I urge you to return to Saudi Arabia through Iranian territory. If you stay in Afghanistan you will perish, you will either be killed or you will be captured by US forces.”

He should lead the 'Adopt a Jihadi' program.

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