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Sunday, October 02, 2005

More Saddam Capture Memories

From the same Sunday Times article:
Samir lunged for the hands. Suddenly the soldiers around him were joining in, pulling Saddam by his clothes, his hair, his beard — any part of him they could get hold of. He was lifted clear of the hole and thrown onto the ground. Saddam uttered only one phrase in English: “America, why?”

His appearance was shocking. Eight months on the run had taken their toll. “He looked so old and tired. And he looked so scared and shaken. He was hair all over — long beard, long hair. His hair was greasy — God knows how many times he never took a shower.”

Grabbing Saddam by the beard with both hands, Samir started shaking him, yelling in his face: “You killed Kurds! You killed Shi’ites! You destroyed the country.” Then he spat at him.

Saddam responded with primal rage. He had never been spoken to in such a way. Struggling against Samir’s grip, he tried in vain to bite his arm. Samir let him go in disgust, but Saddam was not finished.

“You are nothing but a traitor. You’re a spy. You are not Iraqi,” Saddam shouted. “I didn’t destroy the country — the Americans destroyed the country. I am Saddam Hussein. The Iraqis — good Iraqis — know who Saddam is. Not you. You are no good. You love the United States. You are a spy.” This was too much for Samir.

“He made me really upset and I had to punch him in the face. I punched him a couple of times in the face with some kicking in the face and head and he started bleeding from his mouth.”

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