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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New: Yahoo Blog Search and Goo.glicio.us

A new beta service by Google is bookmarking selected pages from a search; it is similar to Del.icio.us but doesn't have the social factor of sharing - yet. To use it: Logg in to Google. From the search-result page, click "search history" in the top right corner - remember to select a site first. Yahoo!'s My Web 2,0 beta offers more services: you tell me if they're worth our attention!

Yesterday, Yahoo! launched a new blog search, sort of. It integrates in the news search and displays the results on the same page but in a box to the right. My instant test search resulted in posts by the big blogs that mentioned Egypt, most were out of date. But indeed, manaala.net appeared as well! That's a success for Egypt's humble blog community. I have just learned that Yahoo! have many new search features. Even a desktop search.

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