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Monday, October 31, 2005

Should Saddam Be Executed?

Perphaps sentenced according to Islamic law? If exceptions to the sancity of life could be made, Saddam and Hitler would top my list. But since lives are sacred I can't argue for his death although I really whish he would just dissapear from earth. But Islamic scholar Imam Khaleel Mohammed says he should die (there's even graphic art):
I do not accept that if Saddam is found guilty, he should not be sentenced to death. Far from setting a good example, such a decision would send a disastrously wrong message, and would feed, once more, conspiracy theories. We would hear that the Americans used their influence to save Saddam, for murky or obscure reasons, and that the trial was a sham.

And let us face yet one more fact: Saddam, as he appeared the last time we saw him on 60 Minutes, has morphed into a devout Muslim, even interrupting an interview to complete prayer. Surely, as a sign of respect (albeit undeserved), we can allow that he be given a trial according to Islamic standards!

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