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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Abdolkarim is Not Coming Out This Year

The good news is that Abdolkarim’s brother has spoken to the police who now have confirmed that the 21 year old blogger in fact is currently being detained. It is not clear in which detention centre he is held.

The bad news is that Abdolkarim is not coming out this year. That’s according to Human Rights activists who also said the best chance for Abdolkarim is to get him out of the ‘emergency-law’ detention and into a court to be tried for religious contempt. That would give him a sentence of between six months and five years; his young age and the recent sectarian strife in his neighborhood will hopefully result in a short sentence.

Via the Committee to Protect Bloggers, The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.

Detained: Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman. Sign the petition.

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