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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Welcome, Instapundit Readers

Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds as well as Charles at LGF who are the only power bloggers that so far has given the story of our Egyptian blogger in trouble the attention it deserves. It is the first time Egypt's security is clamping down on a blogger. Although MSM is censored, we bloggers have enjoyed more freedom than our neighbours in other Middle Eastern countries. This blow will make many bloggers think hard before they publish anything about politics or religion again - and this at a time when there is only four days left to the parliamentary elections. It is just past midnight here in Cairo so I do not expect any further information about Abdolkarim's fate at the moment. Please trust that I - and many other - will do our best to keep you updated tomorrow and in the following days or weeks.

You can help Abdolkarim by forwarding this story to your friends and other bloggers; the e-mail envelope icon at the bottom right of the post may be useful. You can bookmark the page with my update on Abdolkarim on Del.icio.us and Furl. You can write to the Egyptian embassy in your home country and ask them to guarantee Abdolkarim's freedom and safety. You can also participate in the discussions; in addition to this space is Alaa's comment forum where not everybody at the moment feel Abdolkarim deserve our support - your input is needed, the link is in the blog entry below. Alaa’s bi-lingual site also has the html code for the Free Karim banners; look in the comment section for current links to the English version (like this) or copy the link from the banner in my sidebar.

Thanks for coming around and your support – I’ll be back in the morning!

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