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Friday, November 04, 2005

Killing the Reef to Save the Reef

A French diver convinced Hurghada's government, diving community and environmental organizations that he could protect and replace coral reefs damaged by pollution and careless divers. He did more harm than good. Marine biologist have concluded that 500 colonies of reef where cut and misplaced. Half of the transplanted coral colonies had died upon removal. So who is this man? An experienced diver with good intentions, Alain Deguine was backed by French marine biologists, conservationists, university professors and several volunteers from Deguine’s organization in France, Compagnons des Mers (Friends of the Sea), who lent their services to the project. Now, he is wanted by the Egyptian authorities. The national park rangers have fined him $62,300. But he is hardly coming back to Egypt, neither will the government bother to request his extradition.

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