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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Egyptian Blogger in Jail

An Egyptian blogger was taken from his home by security forces on Wednesday Oct. 26. This is an update to my 4:07 pm post:

Big Pharaoh says at 6:43 pm: "Abdulkarim apparently comes from a Muslim background (he has a Muslim name) yet his writings contains remarks that attack Islam. His writings drew many negative comments on his blog.Abdolkarim could be a convert to Christianity or someone who left the Muslim faith, and I was stunned when I saw that he posted his picture on his blog. Anyway, he will be in a very serious situation if a case was levied against him. If sent to court, the charge of "izderaa el adyaan" or "blaspheming religion" can be applied leading to his imprisonment."

Tarek says at 17:57 pm in Manalaa's forum: "ِLike most of you I totally disagree with Abdulkareem's writings, but I still cannot find any reason for arresting someone for what he says or writes. And for those who think that he should be arrested for offending Islam, I belive that arresting him is more offending to Islam. Because by arresting him you are just telling everyone that Islam is in a real danger because if a couple of blog posts. And if you agree today on arresting someone for offending Islam, then you will be forvced to agree on arresting others for defending Islam tomorrow. One more thing to know well is that Islam is great enough not to need any security forces to defend it."

Technorati tag: (Seems they have several hours delay now but I encourage everybody to keep using this tag to make it easier for us all to track the issues development).

Update, Banners: Release Karim banners can be found here. They are available in English and Arabic. (The one in my sidebar is one of them). If you want to the image to be on the blogspot server, I have uploaded this and this.

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