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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unhinged: The Mug-shot Collection

Blogging journalist Michelle Malkin is officially launching a new book today: Unhinged, Exposing Liberals Gone Wild. I take it that she doesn’t like Democrats too much. I don’t know. I met very few. I don’t like the Clinton’s. Although I never met them. I never met Barbara Bush either, but I always liked her. That makes me scary, right? But less scary than the people who don’t understand why Tony Blair’s wife is scary. Right? I would like to meet George and Laura; check out their Rose Garden, that kind of stuff. Anyway, Michelle’s Mug-shot collection is the pictures that didn’t make it into the book. Let’s call it a web exclusive. I have never seen so many ugly faces. I didn’t know liberals were so ugly. Or that they did so many stupid things. Suddenly, Egypt’s political scene seems very civilized.

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