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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The plugg was pulled, literally. It was an abrupt termination of what had been nearly six months of full-time blogging. I am sorry I did not have a chance to say good bye. My only comfort during this time has been the nature of the net, where someone leaves, others usually continue. I haven´t been able to check my mail or the comments. I haven´t seen any other blogs. I´ve been off the net. Didn´t think that would happen to me. Didn´t think it was possible that could happen to anyone. But I survived. That said, I didn´t enjoy it. Not at all. I pray I´ll neve leave the Internet again. I´d be the first to sign up for a brain implant if it would keep me connected all the time, forever. I hope you´ve fared better. I look forward to the day when I can pick up where I left. I´m anxious to see how my blog friends are doing. My unexpected leave may have raised many questions. I am sorry about that. I am glad to be back.

Love. Ritzy.

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