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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Pharaoh in a Niqab

Not really, just joking. But he is annoyed that actress Hala Sheeha is donning the niqab. I am too. I wouldn´t want any young woman to wear a hijab or niqab if it is not an individual choice. In her case, it is probably the only way to survive. God knows what the fanatics have said they will do to her otherwise. Really, I do think that is why famous singers and actresses are turning all-holy on a spot. Check out BP´s before and after pictures, quite funny.

The BP also have this disturbing piece of news:
Well, I just came from Al Arabiya website and saw this news report about a young Egyptian man who raped little girls having religious class in a mosque. And he did it in the mosque's bathroom and he did it in Ramadan!

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