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Sunday, October 01, 2006

She Aint Pink No More

Done! Every girl who wish to reclaim her reputation can do with a little makeover -- too bad I myself didn´t remember this earlier, perhaps it would have made it more appealing to dive back into the heavy blogging business. Today´s changes will do for now, or what do you think? I have tested the archive- and item pages back and forward and it seems to be in working order. I look forward to switching to a custom made template (and indeed I began working on one about a year ago that is not finished, yet). Nothing wrong with Blogger's common goods but you know, it is like buying cloths of the rack - especially when you know you´re gonna have to wear it in public. It doesn´t make your day but it is better than running around town naked. Sometimes.

I have made a few updates that you may want to know about:

1. The standard Atom feed is now full length, the URL to paste in your reader is:


Or perhaps better, use the Feedburner smart atom/rss combo feed, also full length and no summaries, which you can get from the orange colour button in the sidebar, or with this URL:


2. A somewhat shortened blogroll has the bloggs I am trying to keep an eye on for various reasons. Among them, I learned today that Tarek at Green Data is still doing a great job AND he has a very practical design.

3. The e-mail address has changed as I mentioned earlier today. The mailto: link has a permanent place in the sidebar, just replace the DOT in missmabrouk@gmailDOTcom with a real "."

4. The "Suggested" section of the sidebar is now called "Bookmarklets" because that is what the links are about. I added "Del.icio.us this page" to encourage you to bookmark individual pages on del.icio.us. More links will follow, to Digg and other trendy places.

That is it for now. Thanks for coming around and please do let me know what you think about the new colour!

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