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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Womens Right by the Book

Ramadan Postcard, by Amir Normandi

"Even in the Age of Information, it would seem that not all information is created equal: the closure of a successful 3-year-old production of Mozart's opera 'Idomeneo' because, said Berlin police, it posed 'incalculable risk' of inciting Islamic fundamentalists to violence, is a stark reminder that censorship throbs with power while the lifeblood of art is wrung dry. Last year, outrage from Muslim students led Harper College, located just outside Chicago, to remove an exhibition of works by Amir Normandi depicting the oppression women suffer in many Islamic countries."

Partly in response, Normandi, himself an Iranian-born Muslim, has curated a new exhibition of works:'Desire No Shackles/ Imagine No Borders', to examine oppression and the notion of borders in Islam and other contexts. Read more at http://noshackles.blogspot.com

More pictures about Islam by Amir Normandi on this blog here, here, and here.

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