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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lawsuit to Block 21 Egyptian Blogs

A lawsuit to block a number of Egyptian websites, including blogs who participated in a discussion about Internet Freedoms, is on its way says Human Rights activists in Egypt.
Judge Abdel Fattah Morad, head of Alexandria Appeal Court, has started a lawsuit against the government in Egypt’s Administrative Courts in order to block a number of Egyptian websites. The list, 21-websites-long, includes the blogs and sites that took part in the discussion around the book the Judge has written, and the wide plagiarism evident in the book copying HRInfo’s report on Internet Freedoms in the Arab World, and a how-to-blog guide written by blogger Bent Masreya.
Read more: The Arabist. Arabawy. via Global Voices.

Also: US Dept. of State Egypt Country Report on Human Right Practices.

Question is, how are they planning to block the websites? Is it access to the blogs who are going to be stopped, or are they also hoping to shut the sites down?

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