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Friday, July 29, 2005

Weekly Eye: Al-Qaeda the Bogey Man

Ritzy turn the pages of Al-Ahram Weekly’s current issue: Intellectual Cairo offers a variety of theories on who is responsible for Sharm El-Sheikh attack. Diaa Rashwan is not sure Al-Qaeda was responsible and warns that it can become a bogeyman concealing the real culprits. Al-Qaeda would have chosen a softer target to maximize the media effect (a larger number of dead I assume he means). In addition, the group claiming responsibility has named themselves after a Palestinian with no connections to Al-Qaeda, when micro-logic suggest they should have used a hero from Egypt.

Political scientist Heba Raouf Ezzat says the mass incarcerations that followed the Taaba bombings when up to 3,000 people where held (some allegedly tortured) could have set the scene for revenge:
"The security forces treated these people so badly I wouldn't be surprised if any one of them had decided to blow himself up," Ezzat told Al-Ahram Weekly.

While others have suggested that this attack might be linked to Iraq where Egypt’s ambassador were kidnapped and killed recently, Hala Mustafa of the ‘Democracy’ journal dismissed such claims:
“… governments would be unable to pursue the foreign policies they think best preserve their interests without forever worrying about a terrorist riposte.”

Tarek Atia has discovered that the principles of Magna Carta are rooted in the Quran, which is one way to illustrate how – in his worldview – the two bad boys who are fighting in the ring can stop and instead learn from each other.

Love. Peace. Ritzy.

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