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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

When the Police Receives a Call…

-Salam Alikum. Is this the Sharm Police?
-What do you want?
- The city’s casinos will explode because they are the work of Satan and Hussein’s uncle lost all his money there so now Hussein is pissed because he cannot marry the pink English girl he’s been sleeping with and buying coca colas, in the name of God the almighty the infidels will be punished and those who love these symbols of the Americans and the Jews as well because Hussein is really mad and he’s got some friends who are always angry too and now they will shave their long beards and all hair but first they will try to find some Russian girls one more time and also pray many times today and tomorrow.
- Casinos you say. I better move some cars over there. I believe we have a few extra around the Ghazala Garden Hotel. Who are you?
- beep beep, beep beep

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