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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogging Egypt Today

Is today the quiet day before the storm? Who knows what will happen during the elections tomorrow but hopefully there will be no incidents. Fortunately, the government has instructed the police to exercise restraint… Media and bloggers will keep eyes and ears open. Since this day so far has passed without major events – sparing the two accidents I blogged this morning – I decided to broaden my horizons and went shopping for blogs about Egypt. It was well worth the effort.

Sphinx – which I have popped in to before – is currently blogging the elections and has educated comments on politics and law. In the same direction, Freedom for Egyptians is outspoken about legitimacy and the ruling crowd and have tracked down a few reports that also has been posted here. More comments on the elections are provided by a young Oxford student, Omar Salem.

Of the old gang around the block, Baheyya has unfortunately been quiet for several days but a visit to her archives usually pays off. Big Pharaoh recently wrote about wedding nights and his life as a virgin. When he blogged about his plans of a week’s holiday in Alexandria a load of work-stuff suddenly fell on his shoulders. Sandmonkey visited a campaign rally with Ayman Nour and filed one of his most enthusiastic posts ever. Most recently, he has blogged a scenario for tomorrow. Last but not least, From Cairo is fed up but doesn’t hold his anger back.

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