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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sidebar Issues, Anyone?

A note from Jeff in the comment forum says the sidebar had dropped to the bottom of the page; it was timestamped early morning. The site is looking good from my side, but I've noted that many blogger blogs go with dropped sidebars for weeks and I wondered why the owners didn't solve it. So perhaps it's different browser versions that causes the problem? I'm constantly checking my site in IE6, Opera 8,01 and Firefox 1,04. The only problems I've noted is that I have to clear the cache in Firefox before re-loading the site, which is perhpas due to my security software; and that (also Firefox) the pay pal button is not displayed. Anyway, if you want to tell me about any other issues, please post a comment now!
Edit: Just popped into Jane's and found she has one of them fancy web counters with numbers that changes every time you hit the reload button... silly me, couldn't resist the ride. Anyway, the sidebar dropped once and came back after a reload. I'll keep that in mind. My dumb mind.

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