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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cull 10,000 Elephants, Protect Trees

Elephants facing slaughter to protect trees
Up to 10,000 elephants are facing slaughter as South Africa prepares to end its ten-year ban on culling the beasts. I say, let's give them asylum in Egypt; our Elephants went south thousands of years ago. I bet Moses took them all to Israel in a Zionist conspiracy. That would explain how they crossed the sea and how the inferior Jews managed to crush the native Palestinian peace-campers when they forcefully occupied their land despite all UN treaties. So bring back what rightfully belongs to the Egyptian people. Our tourist industry has suffered long enough from not being able to push husk-busts of pharaohs on greedy tourists. And we're kind of fed up with the donkeys in the shawerma and could do with a change on the menu.

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